National Geometric is a social enterprise that connects the needs of the third world with the resources of the first world through photographic prints. Our passion is pioneering new ways to connect people through art and to help people in the process. The cost of each photograph in our store directly reflects the total amount needed to help the person in the photograph. By purchasing a 10''x15'' print from our store, you are helping to meet the needs of the person you see in the photograph. All of our prints, with very few exceptions, are limited to a run of 1/1, making them completely original and one of a kind. 

National Geometric’s sole purpose is to to bring vision to the act of charitable giving, to show compassion to those suffering and in need, and to put faces to the statistics that we often hear about regarding social issues. Using this new and improved model of giving and receiving, philanthropy doesn’t have to be a blind and impersonal experience anymore. National Geometric serves as the creative platform that removes the blinding barriers that separate the giver from the receiver, and unites them through the impact of art and the inter-connectivity of the internet. Through photography, we are bridging the gap between the first world and the third world. There’s no need to trust a large organization to properly distribute your donation when you can see the impact that you are making for yourself. This approach to philanthropy ensures complete transparency, personal connection, and furthered humanity.

Four child slaves who were sold by their parents into slavery for less than $2000. Kakinada, India

Four child slaves who were sold by their parents into slavery for less than $2000. Kakinada, India


1: Creative portraits are made of a person with a specific need.

(Example: Portraits are made of Lakshmi, a young girl from the slums that needs treatment for HIV Aids.)

2: The resulting photograph is uploaded to and listed in the store as a 10x15 print. The price of the photo is the price needed to help the person in the photo.

(Example: Lakshmi’s portrait is listed in our store as a 10''x15'' print for $45.)

3: A donor purchases the photograph. The funds are allocated to the person in need. The donor receives a print in the mail within two weeks as well as a follow up photo via email.

(Example: Lakshmi's print is purchased. She is taken to the hospital where she is treated for the cost of $45. The donor receives a 10''x15'' print via USPS and a follow up email with a photo of Lakshmi after treatment.)